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Digital by Default

The Digital Strategy

Overcoming the Difficulties

Published government statistics indicate that there are currently more than 650 transactional services provided by government departments that process more than 2.4bn transactions every year.

The Government's much heralded Digital by Default strategy was announced in 2010 with the objective of replacing cumbersome and expensive paper transactions with an easier and more cost efficient digital model. Step-by-step this is gradually changing the way legal professionals interact with official agencies.

The Oyez Gateway was developed to overcome the shortcomings of government portals and our primary aim is to allow legal practitioners to collaborate and incorporate digital submissions into their current workflow using a common process across multiple agencies.

As many law firms increasingly rely on key metrics to manage their practice, the Oyez Gateway offers a comprehensive range of control options that are of benefit to both users and managers. It is a co-ordinated and purposeful business tool which we believe will be very advantageous to legal professionals.


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