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The Benefits are Clear

The Oyez Gateway Cloud

Minimum Disruption, Maximum Security

The Oyez Gateway offers you all of the advantages of a UK cloud hosted service that can be incorporated into your current workflow in only a few hours. That means  a delivery that meets your schedule, minimum levels of disruption and productivity from day 1.

Your firm will benefit from the highest levels of data protection as all transactions are protected on servers that are hosted over 2 high-security UK locations and transferred via secure HTTPS transmission.

The Gateway is a significant platform for firms that are looking for maximum efficiency. It allows system users to be added, removed or updated instantly. It also offers enhanced disaster recovery features that allow you to reduce demand on internal infrastructure and IT resources.

  • No software, maintenance or upgrade costs
  • Increased collaboration: The cloud makes file sharing easy and users can access the system from anywhere, at anytime
  • Provides enterprise-class technology to all firms, regardless of size
  • In-built back-ups and disaster recovery

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