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Companies House Charges (MR1-5, LLMR1-5)

Commercial Property Transactions

With Risk Management Built In

Working in co-operation with top UK law firms, Oyez have developed a Companies House submission portal that meets, and exceeds, all expectations in regards to Financial Charge submissions (including LLP).

The Gateway was designed after studying current submission practice and listening to firms who shared their specific requirements with us. The informal correction procedure is handled by including a comfort letter which details the content of the charge. The system minimises risk by allowing relevant authorization to take place prior to submission backed up by machine validation. It also provides the detailed history for each charge offering comprehensive, easily accessible file reviews for audit purposes.

Pre Submission

  • Ability to create an MR01 directly from Oyez Gateway
  • Upload legal instrument and accompanying comfort letter
  • Once created, made available to authoriser for internal approval and who can make revisions if required
  • The entire history of each submission is recorded
  • Presents a complete audit trail of all the charges that are in progress and makes the status of each submission clear
  • Monitors and reports on 21 day deadline
  • Any missing or incorrect elements will be machine validated to ensure all is correct prior to being sent to the internal authoriser for approval
  • Once approved internally, the charge is ready to be submitted to the Government Gateway

Post Submission

  • On successful completion the CH Certificate returns via XML and is automatically saved to Case or Document Management
  • Create and save a PDF of the complete transaction to DMS including legal instruments

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